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“. . . So what really IS the Heart?” What is it composed of?

These questions summarily arrested my attention and froze my usual enthusiasm for dishing out wise counsel. It placed me in a maze that kept me gazing at life for several days.

In the “Green Zone”, the need to guard the heart was the focus. As I researched, pondered and formulated an outline of ‘how to’ do that, it became apparent that without clearly identifying what the heart is, we cannot, or rather by default, will not even appreciate it, let alone attempt to guard it! 

To be sure, the human heart, only slightly larger than an average fist, is not just anHuman_Heart organ that expands and contracts about 100,000 times each day, pumping close to 2,000 gallons (7,571 liters) of blood, and oxygen to all parts throughout the body.

 Also, an average resting heart rate for adults is 60 to 100 beats per minute.

 There is more to the heart as we commonly know it!

In essence, the heart is that unseen part of us where our emotions and desires dwell. It is the seat of the will and mind, and central to humankind. This inner self thinks, feels and acts.

The two main words to remember here are Emotions and Desires. In between these is free choice, the God-given ability to respond. Often referred to as CHOICE.

Emotions signify the outward flow towards people, things and places. ‘Energy’ is directed by the will outwardly.

Desires on the other hand, attract like a magnet, pulling inwardly. The people, things and places that are attracted must possess ‘magnetic’ capabilities. This is also directed by free will.

Your free will is the thermostat waiting to be set to various temperatures of emotions or/and desires.

The short answer for what the heart is therefore, is the inner part of you, that portrays emotions and desires as directed by your free will.

It is this part that requires constant guard from outside influences that have the potential to jeopardize its integrity.

Additionally, a deliberate and disciplined focus must be place on the strength and development of this inner part, so that its capacity to be a fountain of life is not compromised.

Infinite loveNow that you know what your ‘Green Zone’ is, you can place a value on it so as to begin to appropriate an acceptable level of care.

This is my value proposition to you. I implore you to evaluate the kinds of investments to make towards guarding heart.

 Where are your Emotions and Desires going?