About . . .

Here I am. . . . . . .

. . . embracing my imperfections on a broad stage of vulnerability.

. . . . so that my life can be fully engaged from a place of authenticity and worthiness.

A Recovering Perfectionist, I’m a passionate life-lover and the finer things it has to offer. I am intentional about everything I devote my time to.

My form on planet earth is partly clay in the Potter’s hands, progressively responding to His touch in alignment with His agenda for this generation.

My life continues to be one cocoon after another. Here is how I started out in life. . . . . three months after landing on earth. . . . .

My deepest desire is to fully pursue and fulfill my God-given mandate before my inevitable transition. My passion is for people to live fulfilling lives by boldly confronting life’s challenges, and changing their minds according to the desires our Creator.

I enjoy genuine and meaningful relationships, sharing value loaded and truth based information that empowers all people to pursue an  intimate and organic relationship with God.

My hobbies include Reading, Writing, Traveling, Photography, Movies, Music, Architecture, the Art of eating chocolate. . . . . and I’m still discovering more.

I was born in Ghana, West Africa. After living in several countries and experiencing the diverse cultures around the world, I decided to make the USA my temporary long term home.

As an adventurous child I remember giving my siblings and friends ride in my favorite Tricycle. . . .  . I never lost my adventurous spirit.

I saved up some money when I actually started charging for rides . . . . a budding Entreprenuer back then.

Ah well. . . . You will have to visit and read more from time to time as I update with pictures or new posts.

Thanks for stopping by . . . . Carpe Diem!

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