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Goodbye2Saying, ‘life is cyclical’, sounds so deep, ahhh so dense, maybe even pretentious. . . . kind’a like an old Sage with a beard that announces, ‘you better listen once because your life depends on it!’
So let’s just go the normal way. . . whatever that is. . .
We have already, once again said, ‘Good bye’ to the year we just said ‘Hello’ to, a few short months ago. The rhythm of life surely includes repeated ‘Good Byes’ and ‘Hellos!’
You’d think we’d be accustomed to this year-in-year-out routine by now. But no!
We feel a sense of accomplishment crossing that imaginary threshold into a whole New Year! Like, we’re doing it for the very first time.
And why not?
It is often accompanied by much pomp and tradition.
The dropping of the Ball at Times Square. . . .Hello
Parties that go on all-night. . . . . .
Churches holding ‘Crossover’ services. . . . .
Fireworks and variations of pyrotechnics painting the night skies. . . .
. . . and definitely the air-filled with tunes of ‘Auld Lang Syne’. . . .  
But, I’m not quite certain whether it is a true beginning or a real ending.  These transitions are brisk. The numbers create a distinct difference but the lines are often blurry.
The fan fare and pageantry that goes with welcoming a New Year also creates a mirage of a big do-over!
So, most people resolve to do some things differently. It is like being given another chance at living that perfect life. Or agreeing that the solutions to the previous year’s problems did not quite cut it, so we come up with RE-solutions – renewing the old solutions, or creating new ones!
From promises of losing weight, being healthier to saving more money and even finding love! The resolutions ooze out by the thousands.
I stay away from Resolutions in favor of Life Plans.
As a custom, I’m extra ordinarily reflective during this period of time. I do an intense introspection of the year that is ending, looking through my journal, my appointment book and reviewing my various roles during the past year. This often times gets depressive and I usually beat myself up for what I could’ve or should’ve done.
The good news is I always manage somehow to extract myself from that sticky pit of self-loathing and aggression against everything I did right throughout the year. Thankfully, I’m getting better at being kinder and gentler with myself.
I have come to the realization that, it’s not just about the brief period when the old year passes off into history and the new one is welcomed like war heroes returning home.
The truth is, between the ‘Hellos’ and ‘Goodbyes’ are a cacophony of occurrences, circumstances, and situations, all full of meanings that are sadly missed and only realized after the Good Byes on that one day! We usually don’t savor the moment-by-moment, day-by-day, week-by-week, month-by-month that culminate into that grand year!
Nonetheless, Good Byes present an opportunity to reflect and draw from the experience. And ‘Hellos’ come with so much hope and expectations.
Again for me, I get to officially celebrate my birthday on that first brand new day of2013 the year!
As I start my journey into an additional year on this earth.  .  .  .  .
I’m reviewing my Life Plan with a special emphasis on my Bucket List. . .
. . . editing my goals for the year – adding and deleting some. . . .
. . . vowed to eat more chocolate and still maintain a healthy waist-line. . .
. . . invest ONLY in reciprocal life-giving relationships. . . .
Simply put, I have reaffirmed my determination to make the most of every moment this year. . .
. . . because I’m evermore conscious that,
We’ll soon be saying Good bye to this year – 2013 – we just said Hello to.
Best wishes for a meaningful New Year!