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“Divided States of America” is what my friend cleverly coined referring to the USA in her recent blog post http://dottaandbeambeam.com/2012/11/07/wisdom-wednesday-united-states-of-america/.  
The atmosphere of this nation leading up to the elections was deeply divided and complexly toxic at best. It was deafeningly noisy, stirring up passions and sometimes revealing the true nature of who we are as individuals and collectively as a nation.

It really did not look like we are “one nation under God indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all”.

The campaign sound bites, marked by vicious remarks, rancorous arguments, and often separating friends and family, all ended in a flash!

As some people now recoil into a gloomy and silent disappointment, and others relish in their refrain of four more years, I have come to learn a lot more about humans, and the United States of America in particular.

This was not a contest between two opposing teams as in a football match. This was and still is a fight for the very soul of this Country.

Ours is undoubtedly a model Country for the nations of the world. Not perfect, but still a model. This experiment of a Nation is essentially what the United States of America is all about.

There is suddenly a sense and solemn call for unity from President Obama and Governor Romney. Their sincerity comes through clearly as they both proclaim deep love for this nation. They may not always agree on many issues but the time to work together has come!

 Agreeably, we are now at a crossroads with great consequences.

The work has just begun.

As we get back to our ‘regularly scheduled’ lives, refocusing on our “unalienable Rights that among these are Life, Liberty and pursuit of Happiness”, we need to be aware of the significant threats to this model Nation. More so now than ever!

Symptoms of our Nation unraveling at its foundations abound.

The disintegration of families,

Persistent unemployment/underemployment. . .

The subtle denigration of all human life on all levels. . .

The increasing burden of wanton taxation and irresponsible spending. . .

And the list could go on. . . . .

But the subtle shift into danger has been the reckless demands of a defiant people confused about what freedom really means.

Is there hope?

The hope of a great America is certainly not in one particular man or party, but in the collective principled-centered actions of all citizens in alignment with God’s perspective!

And this is the time for those who clearly hear the clarion call, to single-heartedly gaze into His face, and act responsibly!

I have a deep conviction that we all have an intense craving for a deeper meaning of life. This divine vacuum is deliberate. It is only filled as we look to the Author of life itself!

The mission of engaging the culture in relevant ways and reflecting that heart of the One who desperately loves the world, with actions and not mere words is just taking on another dimension as the outcome of this election has rightly signaled.

This is what a hurting world is longing for!

The founding fathers, I’m sure, knew something about this; why else will they affirm in the words of Frances Scott Key, spurring us on to conquer . . . .

“. . . when our cause it is just,
and this be our motto,
‘In God we trust.’
And the Star – Spangled Banner
in triumph shall wave
o’er the land of the free
and the home of the brave!” 

What do you think we should do now individually and collectively to continue to be the Model Country?