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NOTE: This is a continuation to yesterday’s (11-02-12) Blog post.


When you do not know enough about what YOU want or what YOU stand for, and worst, are told what you should want, based on someone else’s worldview, then the ballot process becomes just an event to showcase and usher in other people’s hidden agendas.

It is fair therefore, to assume that a qualified person casting a vote, first knows enough about themselves, and second, is adequately knowledgeable about the issues and the various candidates’ positions to express their free choice through the ballot process.

This is where it gets dicey.

Spending an inordinate time listening to people, and reading what others say, has led me to the following conclusion. Most people pretend to know, or naively presume to know what the issues are, but don’t have the slightest clue about how complex they are. A few will admit to this.

The campaign and the various debates have attempted to ‘reveal’ to us what the issues really are, and what the candidates and parties stand for.

Then comes the pundits and the now ubiquitous fact-checkers (and by the way who checks the fact-checkers) in a feverish attempt to declare the various claims as factual or phony. The battle often rages on when opposing camps tries to explain what they really meant with a mix of rhetorical ping-pong and disingenuous charisma.

Does anyone get tired of them like I do?

And the Media – yes, the media steps in with a swagger – never thought I’d use the word – and as manipulative as ever, struts on the airwaves with their dog-and-pony show pretending to know it all, and dissecting the issues and the candidates alike. This is done with the believable credibility of a used-car salesman/woman (due apologies to the sincere and hard-working used-car sales people).

Sadly, most people eat the meal served by the media without any discernment. I have witnessed my fair share of intense fights, and pretzel postures among people, while debating over issues about which they have absolutely no idea.

An astute listener by now would easily agree with me that almost all the Politicians are largely promising the same things, usually using cunning words, carefully canned statements, and with a different spin from time to time. Every so often their subtle difference shows in their divergent worldviews.

And that is the heart of the matter! 

It’s about worldviews. Or it should be. When theirs aligns with yours, you have an ally.

But most people are so lost in the cacophony of the election fever that they prefer emotional accessories, whimsical ideas and nice-sounding buzzwords to what they truly believe in.

So whether it’s about cutting the deficit . . . .

Creating new jobs . . . . . 

Resuscitating the economy . . . . .

Affordable Healthcare . . . .

Protecting freedoms. . . . . .

 Or just putting food on the table and having a decent place to live . . . . .

Voting speaks more about you – your values, your desires, your integrity – than the person for whom you vote.

So what do you believe in? What are your convictions? That is all that matters when you enter that booth. With that in mind, exercise your voice – your voice, not what someone says that your voice should be!

Regardless of the outcome, you can stand tall, knowing . . . . .

YOU have been true to yourself!

And for those who are still undecided by now, well, that is an entirely different story!