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In anticipation of celebrating Father’s Day this year June 17th, you are invited to join in a Campaign for the next 17 days, beginning June 1st.

The purpose is to honor fathers and celebrate Fatherhood. Let’s widen that category to include all father-figures; god-fathers, spiritual fathers, fathers-to-be and aspiring fathers.  Special emphasis will be placed upon exposing and dispelling pop culture’s subtle denigration and pernicious rendering of the role of fathers as unnecessary at best, and predatory as worst.

Every day, a quote, thought or comment in the form of Status Update on Facebook, or a new post on the Blog site www.amazeingaze.com will be featured. Fatherhood resources will also be shared during this time to help make this educational also.

All day  June 17th, you are welcome to share a tribute, a story or a thought that honors your father and/or father-figure. Please, prepare now to do that then.

Please, join in this campaign by sharing your thoughts and comment about Fatherhood. All comments will remain public and must be kept civil. Remember it is wise not to share acidic comments as they expose the true you, more so than the person about whom those remarks are made.

You are welcome to inbox me your comments, questions, inquiries or anything you would like me to edit before posting if you so choose. In that case, you are promised complete anonymity.

Let’s make this fun and memorable. In honor of all fathers!

Jump in!