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Lately, I have been receiving some pretty interesting requests at my public email address.

Quite interesting because almost all of the requests are similar. Here is an unedited sampling:

My name is Miss linda , As I whisper my prayer tonight and went into search for a nice friend, I came across your contact, my mind and my heart told me to contact you for friendship, A friend who truly understand his or her friend and share their feelings together. please kindly accept my request, I believe that distance or age can never be a barrier but let’s love connect us because love is a bridge that connected far distance to be close to each other, I will send my pictures to you immediately i receive your reply at my email address here
Miss linda

So who is this person, I pondered. Just them I received another:

My name is eunice,i got you from,and i want to have a
good relationship with you,please i need your cooperation,contact me with my email adress,
( eunicelove41@yahoo.co.uk )

Things heated up as I received yet another one:

Dear Good Friend in Christ Jesus.

Greetings of peace to you, I am Mrs.sarah koffi Sakubu I have some inherited fund from my late loving husband late Mr koffi Sakubu The amount of US$12.500, 000.00 which he deposited with Bank here and I need a good honest God fearing person who can use these funds for God’s work in charity.
I want this fund to go for charity because I have no child to be the inheritor, 15% out of the total fund will be for your compensation for doing this work of God. I found your email address from the internet and decide to contact you. Please if you would be able to use this fund for
the glory of God kindly reply me.

Your Sister In The Lord.

Mrs. sarah koffi Sakubu

Talk about using the Lord’s name in vain, I think this qualifies. I’m not sure who these people are. What I suspect is that they are trying to play on my sympathy and ‘scam me’. I’m tempted to follow up on one of them and see where this leads.

How does Cyber-Detective sound for a Title? I think I will use the name James . . . . . James Bond?

What do you think?