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Sometimes I run into things that set my creative mind aflame. Other times . . . . well, I just wonder. For sometime now, I have been coming across some signs – street signs, warning signs, Billboard signs – with interesting, thought-provoking and sometimes questionable names or inscriptions. Here are a few I have been able to safely capture with my lens. . . .

I wonder what whoever thought of naming this intersection was thinking about. How can Hurt and Tranquil be put together like this? As though to say in every Hurt, there is some form of Tranquility. I wonder the type of people who live at this intersection.

And no street sign has challenged me more than this one. . .

I’m not sure whose counting streets in halves now, nor do I know what qualifies a street to earn the prestigious 1/2. I think its unique though.

I will not be caught anywhere near this sign. But what if you did not see it in time to avoid being shot? This was captured near a mountain cabin that belongs to a friend. I lost my phone signal here. Do you know what that means?

 It made perfect safety sense to keep left and face oncoming vehicles. . . but when there is a Deadman’s drop into a crevice (not shown here) the size of that State of Texas, don’t admonish me to believe I can fly! 

On a Hiking trip, I ventured and went on the long (Advanced) Trail. After three hours of huffing, puffing and regretting my decision, I begun to think about using a short cut or running the rest of the way only to be confronted by this sign a few yards ahead. It was a mountainous trail that gave me a whole new appreciation for Moses going up the mountain to meet with God.

So, I’m still on the lookout for more signs that make me wonder.  Have you seen any bizarre ones lately?