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This is a confession of some sorts. For some time now I have wondered why I have been secretly bothered by the so-called Experts and Commentators of Life’s events.  You know . . .  those that always have an explanation for everything that happens, and usually after it happens.  Often prescribing solutions and how dangerous consequences could have been prevented.   

For those whose beliefs include mysticism and the reality of paranormal spiritual occurrences, this becomes a complex matter where the experts include Witchdoctors, Juju men and women, Shaman, witches and wizards, and even Prophets, Seers, Men or Women of God, and the likes. I will address this interesting perspective more in-depth at another time.  

For now, we will not launch into deep!

Sometimes these comments are hurled skillfully about with the ease and flare of a dough-tossing pizza maker. They make it seem like life is that easy.  But if you have lived . . . really lived lately, you would undoubtedly agree that it ain’t that simple and surely not easy!

The troubling nudge is that, I too, have uttered some of these expert answers on many occasions, presumption and precision of a Weatherman. These days I refuse to give quick and easy answers, and go slow on passing judgments about life’s issues

My reason? No one really has the full picture! And there is always an unseen perspective!  

A true story has given me this bold and freeing perspective. This ancient story ushered me into a new and improved positive mental state.

Here it goes . . . .

There once lived a man of integrity who had a large family of seven sons, three daughters and a wife. He dealt in Livestock, Real Estate, Logistics and Transportation, and was very wealthy.

One day, this very wealthy man lost everything he had all in a blink of an eye. Talk about a Wall Street crash, an economic meltdown, or Bernie Madoff making off with millions of money! This is the classic case of loss, the mother of all losses.

This man must have felt like the victim of a 419 scam!

He had three close friends who not only stood by him, but also analyzed his situation, like Jim Kramer on Mad Money, and eloquently gave him pieces their minds. One actually used the same expression Dr. Phil usually uses, “how’s that working for you?” Remember, they were the experts of their time.

Little did Job – as he was called – or his friends know that there was a cosmic discourse going on about his life. (Why anyone would name their child ‘Job’ beats me, but that is beside the point!)

They were unaware of the dialogue between the All-knowing Creator of the universe, and His created arch-enemy. If this were a contemporary movie or Reality TV script, it would probably be a colorful combination of ‘Avatar’, ‘The Pursuit of Happiness’, ‘NCIS’, and a moment in front of ‘Judge Judy’. Read the story with a contemporary eye, you will see what I mean.

A closer look at the story of Job reveals how we can all narrowly explain and elaborate about things we think we know so much about and yet be perfectly wrong. We easily become rigid enforcers of our own opinions as the supreme view, instead of becoming tender transmitters of grace, characterized by a reckless abandon and dependence on the only perfect one who has promised to transform us into the image of His son. We usually don’t have the full picture!

I emerged at the end of the story, a humbled student of life. One who has come to embrace the truth that there are different sides to every story. And above all, the only one who sees all the sides, and has all the answers is the one whose perspective is often unseen or overlooked!

Further, the unseen perspective is very real and actively plays a part in the whole story life, regardless of anyone’s opinion or expert analysis.

Finally, I have a renewed admiration for being temperate, avoiding hasty condemnation, and a lot more discerning in my judgments. A friend once said, ‘we don’t know what we don’t know until we know what we did not know’! And I dare to add, even when we know what we know, what guarantee is there that, that is all there is to know. Whew, that leaves a lot of knowing to be known!

Well, this is my Expert commentary on life! But that will not really matter in the big scheme of things, because there surely is an unseen perspective!

I welcome your Expert views. Have you ever felt misunderstood, or unfairly judged, because the ‘full story’ was not known? How did you handle the situation?