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“May all your wishes come true”, “may all your heart’s desires be granted” . . . . . and so poured forth from the lips and through various electronic formats to me. Kind wishes from loved ones and friends on the occasion of my birthday and the New Year. How thankful I am and very honored for these warm thoughts.

But as I ponder these words, I can’t help but feel mildly uncomfortable. This discomfort has nothing to do with those kind words and well-meaning intentions. The unsettling feeling comes from the ‘ALL’ part of the wishes and desires of My heart.

Well, I do have noble ones like, becoming more patient, loving, forgiving, and compassionate. All the good virtues that amount to an admirable character first, out of which will flow a sweet-scented personality.

Then there is this other list. Unabashedly vain maybe, but real! To become independently wealthy, a passionate Philanthropist, and travel the world without going through the humiliation of having a TSA Personnel pad me down and touch me at sensitive places. To have the Wisdom of Solomon most of the time, the strength of an Ox all the time, maintain a six-pack or wash board Abs without the painful crunches and sit-ups, and to enjoy the finest Chocolates and Pastries from around the world everyday without worrying about or combat any adverse nutrition and weight issues.  

The list that scares even me is the one I struggle to keep out of my heart, mind and definitely out of sight. Whenever I hear “may your heart’s desire be granted”, this is the list I secretly harbor and yet hope will not be fulfilled.

Here is a juicy sampling, definitely not exhaustive . . . .

I wish I never encounter another difficulty, challenge, pain, hurt, sorrow or problem . . . ever again.

I wish all my enemies would be exposed and put to shame. Even those who are bold enough to fake smiles and laughter while secretly nursing putrid hatred against me and everything I stand for. Sometimes I even play the movie in my head . . . . .  

I wish there was a way I could ‘see’ exactly what’s on people’s minds and have the incredible ability to project their thoughts on Walls, Screens, Monitors and jumbotrons.

I wish – oh how I wish – the person that cuts me off on the highway would drive straight into a speed trap, be pulled over, and just as they receive their very hefty speeding fine, make eye contact with my pearly whites as I wave at them, maybe one finger at a time.

. . . and if you don’t like what you’re discovering about me now, and especially cannot handle it . . . well, I wish you would develop a strong case of amnesia by the time you finish reading this. Or at least you will have a ‘Men in Black’ moment!

Now you have it! I warned you. May these desires not come to pass!

So while I have ALL these other desires. I’m afraid I have to settle for what God deems as best for me.

What I truly desire is whatever My Creator desires for me. This is because He alone saw my being yet unformed and skillfully knit me. He continues to form me in secret.  I’m convinced He desperately loves me, created me for a purpose, and He is the only one who truly desires and will grant the best concerning me. This applies to you too!

Now, I dare you to share some of your secret desires. I bet you have some great ones!